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Xdebug is one of the most popular debugging PHP extensions. It provides a ton of useful data to help you quickly find bugs in your source code. Xdebug plugs right into many of the most popular...
Snap Builder Jan 27, 2015 Debugging & Testing 835 Views


Propel is an open-source Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) for SQL-Databases in PHP 5.4. It allows you to access your database using a set of objects, providing a simple API for storing and...
Snap Builder Feb 9, 2015 Miscellaneous 832 Views
Accessibility Features of CSS

Accessibility Features of CSS

With the rise in popularity of mobile hand held devices and non-traditional web browsers such as screen readers, the CSS Working Group puts accessibility as one of the leading issues that will be...
Snap Builder Dec 23, 2014 Tutorials, Training & Tips 819 Views


Selfie has been hand crafted to be an excellent portfolio and blog for photographers. The home page is set up to house blocks of information which can be galleries of images, single images and...
Snap Builder Dec 26, 2014 Photography 818 Views

FreeImages A high quality resource site of digital stock photographic images for use by all. Over 16,000 stock photography images contained within 89 galleries. At
Snap Builder Jan 15, 2016 Stock Photos 818 Views


BookMarker is a Perl script which converts Netscape bookmark files into a Yahoo-like tree of web pages. This allows you to use your web browser as a link manager for your links.
Snap Builder Jan 1, 2015 Bookmark Management 813 Views


phpFormGenerator is a an easy, online tool for creating reliable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing web forms in a snap. No programming of any sort is required: phpFormGenerator generates the...
Snap Builder Feb 6, 2015 Email Utilities 813 Views
Hoa Libraries

Hoa Libraries

Hoa is a modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries. Moreover, Hoa aims at being a bridge between industrial and research worlds.
Snap Builder Jan 9, 2015 Libraries & Classes 810 Views

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