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Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri

The Jay Mantri photography website offers free photos by photographer and traveler Jay Mantri. He uploads 7 new photos every Thursday, so there’s plenty of photos to choose from.
Snap Builder Jan 17, 2015 Stock Photos 214 Views
MSA Simple Search

MSA Simple Search

Matt's Script Archive Simple Search allows you to integrate a keyword and boolean search program into your site so that users can search specified text and HTML documents. It then returns a list of...
Snap Builder Jan 1, 2015 Site Search 192 Views


JavaScript is easy to learn. This tutorial will teach you JavaScript from basic to advanced. Examples in Each Chapter With their "Try it Yourself" editor, you can change all examples and...


OpenCart is a turn-key ready "out of the box" shopping cart solution. You simply install, select your template, add products and you're ready to start accepting orders. It has order management and...
Snap Builder Jan 30, 2015 Shopping Carts 205 Views


Zoome is a jQuery plugin to help you zoom images with hover effect (grayscale, blur, transparent) and you can zoom-in or zoom-out, use mousewheel. Find out more in the live demo. Features Zoom with...
Snap Builder Jan 5, 2015 Image Plugins 213 Views
ReCaptcha plugin

ReCaptcha plugin

The Subrion CMS ReCaptcha plugin adds ReCaptcha functionality on pages with forms. It allows administrators to use reCaptcha validation instead of the default captcha functionality that comes with...
Snap Builder Jan 11, 2015 Subrion CMS Plugins 202 Views
Sky Forms Pro

Sky Forms Pro

Sky Forms Pro is a set of beautiful form elements with large amount of javascript features: validation, masking, modals, ajax submit, datepickers. It allows you to create forms of any complexity...
Snap Builder Jan 5, 2015 Form Plugins 554 Views
Plan - Flat Bootstrap Skin

Plan - Flat Bootstrap Skin

Plan is a skin for Bootstrap, which means that can be used with any site built with the Bootstrap framework. With easy installation and customization thanks to the LESS files included and the...
Snap Builder Jan 7, 2015 Bootstrap Skins 888 Views

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