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jQuery YouTube TubePlayer Plugin

jQuery YouTube TubePlayer Plugin

YouTube TubePlayer is a jQuery plugin that implements YouTube Player API, and allows you to create your own controls and components for YouTube movies. In addition to jQuery, it also requires SWF...
Snap Builder Jan 6, 2015 Video Plugins 314 Views


Scavenger is an open-source, real-time vulnerability management tool. It helps system administrators respond to vulnerability findings, track vulnerability findings and review accepted and...
Snap Builder Jan 27, 2015 Security Systems 385 Views
Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a really easy to use free video converter - just choose your source file and output format and go. If you need them, there are lots of advanced options too like batch...
Snap Builder Dec 25, 2014 Video Converters 366 Views
dJAX Adserver Technology Solutions

dJAX Adserver Technology Solutions

dJAX Adserver Technology Solutions, a leading and successful provider of Ad Server solutions. We mainly focus on developing Ad Server Technology, which meets all possible requirements either for...
Guest May 8, 2015 Software 327 Views
Loupe Logging and Error Reporting

Loupe Logging and Error Reporting

Loupe (pronounced "LOOP") reveals the flaws in you software and pinpoints root causes with detailed error reporting, event tracing and performance metrics. THe Loupe logging framework and log...
Guest Dec 22, 2014 Software 435 Views
Google Tools plugin

Google Tools plugin

Google Tools plugin Allows to insert Google Analytics code and Google Webmasters verification tag in Admin Panel. Translate your articles with Google to any language. Installation is a very simple...
Snap Builder Jan 10, 2015 Subrion CMS Plugins 320 Views
Ultimate Video Player

Ultimate Video Player

Ultimate video player is powerful responsive video player with right side or bottom Gallery which support most popular video types available! HTML5 (mp4) videos, videos from YouTube and videos from...
Snap Builder Jan 7, 2015 Video Plugins 320 Views
PHP User Class

PHP User Class

PHP User Class is an excellent script that helps you create a system for user authentication (i.e. registration, log in, account profile, etc.). It’s a useful utility to have around if you...
Snap Builder Jan 27, 2015 Libraries & Classes 277 Views

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