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Write dynamic images with random text, or text from a word list to your forms. On the action form validate that the user input the correct phrase from the image to help prevent automated form posts...
Snap Builder Dec 31, 2014 Image Manipulation 502 Views
CSS Custom Forms Set & Validation

CSS Custom Forms Set & Validation

CSS Custom Forms is a set of responsive layout HTML/CSS forms validated via javascript. There are 3 layouts of the forms: vertical, horizontal and modal. The vertical mode structure is label and a...
Snap Builder Jan 6, 2015 Form Plugins 394 Views
Submit URL to Google

Submit URL to Google

Increase your visibility by submitting and optimizing your website URL for Google search, and distributing your content across the web. Web Add your URL – Submit your website for inclusion in...
Snap Builder Dec 30, 2014 Submit URL 410 Views
Nevron Open Vision for .NET

Nevron Open Vision for .NET

Nevron Open Vision for .NET is an end-to-end application development platform based on .NET. It provides a powerful set of UI controls and heavy components, so that you can create feature-rich...
Guest Jan 19, 2015 Scripts & Programming 597 Views
Youtube Video plugin

Youtube Video plugin

The Youtube Video plugin allows you to add a Youtube video feature button to your Subrion CMS. Installation is a very simple process. Just click Install and the plugin installation will be...
Snap Builder Jan 10, 2015 Subrion CMS Plugins 421 Views
Learn CSS | MDN - Mozilla Developer Network

Learn CSS | MDN - Mozilla Developer Network

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language for describing the appearance of ... of the standard) and CSS best practices, you can find helpful resources here.  
Snap Builder Dec 23, 2014 Introduction to CSS 567 Views


Choose when to activate those all-important social sharing buttons with this script. It can load and activate them when the document loads, by page scrolling, on hover, and other events....
Snap Builder Jan 2, 2015 Miscellaneous 554 Views
CVE Details

CVE Details

CVE Details provides an easy to use web interface to CVE vulnerability data. You can browse for vendors, products and versions and view cve entries, vulnerabilities, related to them. You can view...
Snap Builder Jan 15, 2016 Website 400 Views

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