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Responsive Bootstrap Support Ticket System

Responsive Bootstrap Support Ticket System

A professional support ticket system built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Responsive layout and clean design for those who like their clients to be able to easily get in touch with them and...
Snap Builder Jan 8, 2015 Bootstrap Skins 9190 Views
Elf Qrin's Cyber Lab

Elf Qrin's Cyber Lab

Elf Qrin's Cyber Lab offers a URLencoded HTML generator that allows you to encrypt and decrypt your HTML source codes for free.
Snap Builder Dec 16, 2014 Encrypt / Obfuscate HTML 8407 Views
KBVault - Knowledge base system

KBVault - Knowledge base system

KBVault is a free , simple yet efficient and easy to use knowledge base application. Features Bootstrap framework both for backend and frontend visual stuff. Uses MSSQL Easy to use HTML Editor...
Snap Builder Dec 19, 2014 FAQ & Knowledgebase 8184 Views
Junkyard Gbook

Junkyard Gbook

Setup a guestbook for your website with this free PHP script. GBook doesn't require a MySQL database to run. It will process emoticons (smileys), send you an e-mail notification when someone signs...
Snap Builder Jan 29, 2015 Guestbooks 8084 Views
YOURLS URL Shortener

YOURLS URL Shortener

YOURLS stands for Your Own URL Shortener. It is a small set of PHP scripts that will allow you to run your own URL shortening service (a la TinyURL or bitly). Running your own URL shortener...
Snap Builder Jan 30, 2015 Link Based 7375 Views
HTML5 Demos and Examples

HTML5 Demos and Examples

HTML5 Demos and Examples A collection of HTML5 experiments created by msrobertgreen, now open source and on GitHub, so please go ahead and help hack this resource in to a wealth of demos that other...
Snap Builder Aug 14, 2015 HTML Templates 6763 Views
Elemento - Bootstrap Skin

Elemento - Bootstrap Skin

Elemento is a skin for Bootstrap, which means that it can be used with any site built with the Bootstrap framework. With easy installation and customization thanks to the LESS files that are...
Snap Builder Jan 7, 2015 Bootstrap Skins 4429 Views


Wptechnews is enabling people to work in the internet world and is providing resources and creative ideas about the various kinds of websites, blogs, and magazines. After the provision of free...
Guest Mar 23, 2016 ROOT 3990 Views

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