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Advanced MetaSearch Engine

@ Advanced MetaSearch Engine

The Advanced MetaSearch Engine is a fast, multiple query real-time web search engine. Professional, scalable, fully customizable web searching solution at an affordable price. Quick and easy...
Snap Builder Jan 2, 2015 Remote Search 367 Views
Perlfect Search v3.37

@ Perlfect Search v3.37

Perlfect Search is a free, sophisticated, powerful, versatile, customizable and effective site indexing/searching suite available under an open source license (GPL). It comes as a pair of distinct...
Snap Builder Jan 2, 2015 Site Search 362 Views

@ URLSpider

The URLSpider script will grab every link on a page and spider them, building a list of links that can be used in numerous ways.
Snap Builder Jan 2, 2015 Spiders 339 Views
MSA TextClock

@ MSA TextClock

The MSA TextClock program will display any combination of time, day, month and date using Server Side Includes (SSI) to in-line the text directly into your page. It is a Perl CGI script which is...
Snap Builder Jan 2, 2015 Clocks 400 Views

@ MySQLMan

MySQLMan is a web based MySQL database manager. It allows you to perform common maintenance and administration tasks in MySQL quickly and conveniently. Essential to any backend, MySQLMan has...
Snap Builder Jan 2, 2015 SQL Databases 372 Views

@ AddrBook

AddrBook v1.0 is a simple, yet flexible web-based address book system. It lets people search the address book, look up entries alphabetically, or add themselves to the directory. (You may also...
Snap Builder Jan 2, 2015 Special Purpose 420 Views

@ CSVsearch

Search your online database and display the results with the same look and feel of your website. Provide as many or few options for searching as you want. Search hidden fields and display results...
Snap Builder Jan 2, 2015 Searching Databases 327 Views

@ CSVupdate

CSVupdate allows visitors to your website update their information themselves. Provide an ID and Password for each record then the visitor can update one record in the database. The script is very...
Snap Builder Jan 2, 2015 Flatfile Databases 373 Views

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