CFML applications and dowloads. CMFL is also known as ColdFusion Markup Language which is the scripting language used by Adobe Cold Fusion, BlueDragon and Railo server engines. Browse our CFML and discover scripts that are free and commercial for developers and programmers.

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@ CFX_XMLParser

CFX_XMLParser is a Fast Java CFX tag that takes an XML document and returns a ColdFusion structure containing the XML document. Our tests show this parser to be about 1000% faster than the MSXML...
Snap Builder Dec 31, 2014 XML & CFML 530 Views
CF Textarea

@ CF Textarea

CF Textarea is a very basic custom tag for HTML based Textarea, a simple progress bar indicator is also provided with this Textarea that with every count, will increase the progress bar....
Snap Builder Dec 31, 2014 WYSIWYG Editors 528 Views
Google Sets Script

@ Google Sets Script

The google sets script from Sooksoft is ColdFusion-based and utilizes Google's BETA tool called Google Sets. This script returns a list of relevant and synonymous keywords based on your initial...
Snap Builder Dec 31, 2014 Web Fetching 545 Views
BIT Resource Scheduler

@ BIT Resource Scheduler

Provides a central web system to schedule your organization's resources. Guests have the ability to view schedule without logging in. Login required to make reservations make it easy to schedule...
Snap Builder Dec 31, 2014 Organizers 493 Views
Regular Expression Parser

@ Regular Expression Parser

This is a custom CFML tag which will return a pattern matched string to an array, with each backreference occupying an element of the array and the whole matched string occupying the first...
Snap Builder Dec 31, 2014 Miscellaneous 493 Views
Admin Pro Tools Email List Manager

@ Admin Pro Tools Email List Manager

The most powerful and feature packed ColdFusion E-Mail List/Subscription List Manager available, yet one of the simplest to use and install! Features include: - Multiple Subscription Lists...
Snap Builder Dec 31, 2014 Mailing List Managers 487 Views
ReaJPEG Standard

@ ReaJPEG Standard

ReaJpeg Standard allows you to convert to jpeg format any image and edit it by means of multiple functions of the built-in editor. Easy to use and no special skill requirement. Batch job...
Snap Builder Dec 31, 2014 Image Galleries 506 Views
BIT Action Items

@ BIT Action Items

Integrates with our Web Calendar v3.3 and v 4 Systems Can be purchased as a bundle with other applications for a great deal. ALL unencrypted SOURCE Code! Assign users to Tasks/Projects Assign...
Snap Builder Dec 31, 2014 Groupware Tools 430 Views

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