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Icon Fonts are amazing! There’s no denying that Font Icons are a big part of web design – apps, websites, and now mobile apps all use Icon Fonts for familiarity and to save space and add meaning to quickly establish what something does or how the visitor should proceed.

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Typicons are free-to-use vector icons embedded in a webfont for easy use in your user interfaces, whether it be on the web or in a native application. The set of 336 icons with solid and outline...
Snap Builder Dec 27, 2014 474 Views
Pictonic Icon Fonts

Pictonic Icon Fonts

Pictonic Icon Fonts offers over 1000+ custom built, stylable, vector-based webfont in the following formats: .EOT, .SVG, .SVGZ, .TTF and .WOFF .CSS, .LESS and .SCSS files: Ready to drop straight...
Snap Builder Dec 27, 2014 502 Views


Sosa is an icon font including 160+ icons I find useful. The download includes the .ttf .eot .svg & .woff files need to use this icon font via @font-face
Snap Builder Dec 27, 2014 487 Views
Foundation Icon Fonts 2

Foundation Icon Fonts 2

Custom icon sets that are stored in a handy web font and are coded to be more accessible. A couple lines of CSS and the right markup will get you going in no time. We designed the glyphs to be...
Snap Builder Dec 27, 2014 456 Views
IcoMoon Icon Fonts

IcoMoon Icon Fonts

Like some of the other tools featured at IcoMoon Icon Fonts, you can also use this to create your own fonts – the icon font generators are awesome!
Snap Builder Dec 27, 2014 500 Views
Fontello Icon Fonts Generator

Fontello Icon Fonts Generator

The Fontello Icon Fonts Generator allows you to select custom icons, fontelico, font awesome, entypo, typicons, iconic, modern pictograms, meteocons, mfg labs, maki, zocial, brandico, elusive,...
Snap Builder Dec 27, 2014 560 Views
Font Awesome

Font Awesome

Font Awesome gives you 479 scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.
Snap Builder Dec 27, 2014 442 Views
Open Iconic

Open Iconic

Open Iconic is an open source icon set with 223 marks in SVG, webfont and raster formats. Bootstrap and Foundation ready Ready-to-use fonts and stylesheets that work with your favorite frameworks....
Snap Builder Dec 27, 2014 540 Views

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