The Subrion CMS Vanilla Single Sign-On plugin allows administrators to add a Vanilla forums members integration.


Please follow these instructions to setup single sing-on integration for your VanillaForums. Subrion does not cover VanillaForums integration in details, as this information could be found on their official website.

  • Install VanillaForums on the same domain where you have your Subrion CMS installed.
  • Install VanillaForums jsConnect plugin:
  • Open VanillaForums dashboard and click Plugins, edit the jsConnect plugin.
  • Add a new connection as follows:
    1. Click Generate Client ID and Secret
    2. Site Name = whatever you wish
    3. Authenticate Url = (insert your full URL to subrion cms installation)/login/read.json
  • Save Changes
  • Go to Configuration and allow registration for SSO only.
  • Install Subrion plugin VanillaForums Single Sign-On
  • Go to Subrion Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Miscellaneous
  • Find the section related to VanillaForums and insert the key & Secret you generated in VanillaForums dashboard, Save Changes
  • Create a new page with External Content and place it in the menu. It should be a full URL to your forums homepage.
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