The fValidator is an open source (free) unobtrusive javascript tool for easy handling of form validation.

Here's a brief list of the most important features:

  • Works perfect with iMask as it's complement.
  • Multiple forms per page supported.
  • Number of verified fields is not limited.
  • Number of filters per field is not limited.
  • Predefined formats: required, alpha, alphanum, integer, real, date, email, phone, url. (all customizable)
  • Support to register missing formats.
  • Highlight fields onValid and onInvalid.
  • Error reporting just after onBlur.
  • Easy to set and maintain.
  • Unobstrutive and XHTML Strict friendly.

fValidator is fully configurable. You can change any default option just initializating the class with an object in JSON. The following options are available:

  • (string) msgContainerTag (default "div")
  • (string) msgClass (default "fValidator-msg")
  • (object) styleNeutral (default {"background-color": "#ffc", "border-color": "#cc0"})
  • (object) styleInvalid (default {"background-color": "#fcc", "border-color": "#c00"})
  • (object) styleValid (default {"background-color": "#cfc", "border-color": "#0c0"})
  • (function) onValid (default Class.empty)
  • (function) onInvalid (default Class.empty)
  • (object) fValidate[x], x ∈ X := {"required","alpha","alphanum","integer","real","date","email","phone","url"}
    • (string) type - any element of the above X set
    • (regexp) re - regular expression attached to the type
    • (string) msg - message attached to the invalid re match

fValidator javascript form validation

More Information on how to use fValidator


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