25+ ASP Tips to Improve Performance and Style

Tip 1: Cache Frequently-Used Data on the Web Server
Tip 2: Cache Frequently-Used Data in the Application or Session Objects
Tip 3: Cache Data and HTML on the Web Server's Disks
Tip 4: Avoid Caching Non-Agile Components in the Application or Session Objects
Tip 5: Do Not Cache Database Connections in the Application or Session Objects
Tip 6: Using the Session Object Wisely
Tip 7: Encapsulate Code in COM Objects
Tip 8: Acquire Resources Late, Release Early
Tip 9: Out-of-Process Execution Trades off Performance for Reliability
Tip 10: Use Option Explicit
Tip 11: Use Local Variables in Subroutines and Functions
Tip 12: Copy Frequently-Used Data to Script Variables
Tip 13: Avoid Redimensioning Arrays
Tip 14: Use Response Buffering
Tip 15: Batch Inline Script and Response.Write Statements
Tip 16: Use Response.IsClientConnected Before Embarking on Long Trips
Tip 17: Instantiate Objects Using the
Tip 18: Use TypeLib Declarations for ADO and Other Components
Tip 19: Take Advantage of Your Browser's Validation Abilities
Tip 20: Avoid String Concatenation in Loops
Tip 21: Enable Browser and Proxy Caching
Tip 22: Use Server.Transfer Instead of Response.Redirect Whenever Possible
Tip 23: Use Trailing Slashes in Directory URLs
Tip 24: Avoid Using Server Variables
Tip 25: Upgrade to the Latest and Greatest
Tip 26: Tune Your Web Server
Tip 27: Do Performance Testing
Tip 28: Read the Resource Links


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