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What is the Snap Builder Partnership Program?

The Snap Builder Partnership Program is everything your business customer needs to get their business online fast. They get a website built with the power and ease of a professional web development company. Snap Builder Services include Web Design, Application Design, Web Hosting and Program Manager. This allows your customer the satisfaction of being completely "in the loop" during the development process, as well as providing you with the comfort of knowing your projects are being developed on time and correctly.

Since the Partnership relies on your selling ability and our teams development ability, there are no setup fees or long-term contracts to sign. You make money if you sell our services, we make money by completing the projects on time and making your clients happy.

Who should partner with Snap Builder?

Any company who would like to offer more solutions to their clients without the added expense of hiring additional staff and purchasing expensive software and update plans.

What type of Web Development do you offer?

Snap Builder offers complete web services: custom applications, graphic design, e-commerce, databases and much more. Our programmers use the latest technologies available to satisfy your clients every need. Our designers specialize in bringing your clients vision alive on the web. For companies that do not offer hosting, we offer several different style hosting plans available for your clients to choose from.

Partner Questions

Why should I become a Partner with Snap Builder?

As a Snap Builder Partner, you will have comfort and satisfaction in knowing that you can offer your clients a complete service package - Website Development & Hosting. With our Program Management System, your clients will be led step by step through the process of building their website. You will also be able to monitor the progress of your clients website projects, including the scope, the completion and the pricing. Increase your core business sales and create additional revenues by offering your clients a full service web development package.

Who is responsible for billing the customer, hosting, and technical support Snap Builder or the partner?

Snap Builder offers two solutions, depending on your needs:

  1. Your Branded Solution

    You handle all aspects of your customer's needs. All services are through your company and you handle all billing & support. You sell your client a website option, assign them a Project Manager (your assigned Snap Builder Project Manager) and we handle the rest under your company's name. You follow the project along with the client, see our pricing structure and collect the fees. You will then be billed at 10% less of the entire project quote.

  2. Referral Partnership

    We offer complete turnkey services for all of your web design solution needs. We handle all billing, and technical support while you earn 5% of the project quote. You simply tell your client(s) that you have partnered with Snap Builder and then refer them to your partner page on our site. You receive a 5% referral fee on the project upon completion.

As a Snap Builder Partner, what is the revenue potential?

This is solely up to you. We do not offer ROI calculations, or offer models of potential income. We simply provide you with a means to offer your clients professional services at absolutely no cost to you. You do the selling, we do the work. It's that simple!

Last updated: March, 23, 2019