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About Snap Builder Web Productions

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Snap Builder Web Productions - West Bath, Maine.
  • Who We Are

  • A team that specializes in creating dynamic designs that integrate various media technologies into a cohesive whole for our clients.
  • What We Do

  • Our expertise encompasses all ranges of interactive web applications to traditional graphic design, print applications and video implementations.

About Snap Builder and Team Members

Our service originally started under the company name of Designer Wiz Web Productions in 2000 - 2010. We as a team felt that there really is no such thing as a "designer whiz" with an ever evolving web technology world. So, we retired Designer Wiz Web Productions and merged team members with Snap Builder Web Productions.

We are a group of skilled professionals that are proponents of best-practice development processes. Snap Builder Web Productions services has established itself in the vanguard of standards based design, utilizing the latest web-based technologies like CSS, XML/XHTML, HTML5 and ECMA-262 JavaScript, and application development processes like model-view-controller architecture, object-oriented programming, database design and more.

Together, as a cohesive whole, our team uses forward thinking approaches in our design envisions and programming implementations.  We utilize robust coding practices in all of our design and software projects... this allows for extensibility and longevity value.

Snap Builder designs are simple to update and transform into low-graphic hand held device versions (for hand held, tablet device users).

From web accessibility initiatives to progressive enhancement and mobile apps, Snap Builder maintains a continuous active interest and full embracement of the newest web development technologies.

We invite you to contact us about your project, or utilize our Snap Builder Directory.