CSS3 Interactive Highlighted Bullets

Roll your cursor over the un-ordered list text below to view the list-style effect.

font-size:2.2em \0/
Hack for IE9 only. For some reason IE9 does not render the 4em size like other modern browsers do, so we need to manually correct this.

Browsers Support
Firefox: currently the full animations only work in Firefox, in an awesome way.
Chrome: is limited and can not fully handle the transition effect for dynamicly added content.
IE: works without animation on IE9 only, but needs some position adjustments.

Gracefull Degrade
For IE users, there are two ways to degrade this method to normal bullets style. You can either use inline CSS hacks to re-enable the list-style to the default state, or you can use a conditional comment to target IE:

[ This code example from  Pure HTML5 CSS3 Interactive Highlighted Bullets Code Snippet page. ]