DHTML Top of Page Link - Place a small watermark link on the bottom right corner of your page with fixed positioning.
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<html> <head> <title>DHTML Top of Page Link</title> <script> <!-- // Begin DHTML Jump to Top of Page Link from https://snapbuilder.com Free Public Codes Library // Free to use as long as the credit lines remain in place // Change the text below to what you want displayed as the link on your page. var displayed="<nobr><font size=2 face=Arial><b>[Top]</b></font></nobr>" // === DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE!!! === // var logolink='javascript:window.scrollTo(0,0)' var ns4=document.layers var ie4=document.all var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all function regenerate(){ window.location.reload() } function regenerate2(){ if (ns4) setTimeout("window.onresize=regenerate",400) } if (ie4||ns6) document.write('<span id="logo" style="position:absolute;top:-300;z-index:100">'+displayed+'</span>') function createtext(){ //function for NS4 staticimage=new Layer(5) staticimage.left=-300 staticimage.document.write('<a href="'+logolink+'">'+displayed+'</a>') staticimage.document.close() staticimage.visibility="show" regenerate2() staticitns() } function staticit(){ //function for IE4/ NS6 var w2=ns6? pageXOffset+w : document.body.scrollLeft+w var h2=ns6? pageYOffset+h : document.body.scrollTop+h crosslogo.style.left=w2 crosslogo.style.top=h2 } function staticit2(){ //function for NS4 staticimage.left=pageXOffset+window.innerWidth-staticimage.document.width-28 staticimage.top=pageYOffset+window.innerHeight-staticimage.document.height-10 } function inserttext(){ //function for IE4/ NS6 if (ie4) crosslogo=document.all.logo else if (ns6) crosslogo=document.getElementById("logo") crosslogo.innerHTML='<a href="'+logolink+'">'+displayed+'</a>' w=ns6? window.innerWidth-crosslogo.offsetWidth-20 : document.body.clientWidth-crosslogo.offsetWidth-10 h=ns6? window.innerHeight-crosslogo.offsetHeight-15 : document.body.clientHeight-crosslogo.offsetHeight-10 crosslogo.style.left=w crosslogo.style.top=h if (ie4) window.onscroll=staticit else if (ns6) startstatic=setInterval("staticit()",100) } if (ie4||ns6){ window.onload=inserttext window.onresize=new Function("window.location.reload()") } else if (ns4) window.onload=createtext function staticitns(){ //function for NS4 startstatic=setInterval("staticit2()",90) } //--> </script> <!-- END of DHTML Jump to Top Link --> </head> <body> [ YOUR CONTENT GOES HERE ] </body> </html>