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Category: PHP Codes Library >> Miscellaneous >> Menu Array

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Snippet Name: Menu Array

Description: Create a navigation menu based on an array.


Author: Snap Builder <>

Last Modified: 2019-12-15 02:14:02

Language: php

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<? // Below is the array containing all the menu data: // Add as many as you need // This script found at: Free Public Codes Library $menu = array( "Home" => "index.php", "About Us" => "about_us.php", "Members" => "members.php", "Products" => "products.php", "Services" => "services.php", "Contact Us" => "contact_us.php", ); // Below will generate the menu based on the array. echo "<h3>Navigation</h3><br />"; foreach($menu as $name => $link) { // below will be the output links echo "<a href='$link'>$name</a><br />"; } // End. ?>

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