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Category: Javascript Codes Library >> Background Effects >> Background Color Changer >> Select Menu Background Color Changer

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Snippet Name: Select Menu Background Color Changer

Description: Change the background color using a select menu.

Compatible Browsers:
Firefox BrowserInternet Explorer BrowserOpera BrowserSafari Browser

Example: View Code Demo

Note: Simply change the color values to your preference.

Author: SnapBuilder <>

Last Modified: 2018-03-07 22:36:54

Language: javascript

Highlight Mode: javascript

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<html> <head> <title>Select Menu Background Color Changer</title> </head> <body> <center> <form> <font face="verdana, arial"><b>Choose a background color:</b></font> <select name="ccGround" size="1" onChange=(document.bgColor=ccGround.options[ccGround.selectedIndex].value)> <option value="408080" target="1" selected>Cool Green <option value="C0C0C0" target="1">Cool Grey <option value="000000" target="1">Black <option value="730200" target="1">DarkRed <option value="231800" target="1">Brown <option value="044302" target="1">DarkGreen <option value="0D09A3" target="1">Dark Blue <option value="808040" target="1">Avocado <option value="800080" target="1">Purple <option value="444444" target="1">Gray <option value="FF0400" target="1">Red <option value="EFE800" target="1">Yellow <option value="05EF00" target="1">Green <option value="0206FF" target="1">Blue <option value="AE08EF" target="1">Violet <option value="FF8C8A" target="1">Mauve <option value="FF80FF" target="1">Pink <option value="FFCCCC" target="1">Peach <option value="FFCC99" target="1">Orange <option value="000080" target="1">Darker Blue <option value="808080" target="1">Dark Grey <option value="D5CCBB" target="1">Tan <option value="DDDDDD" target="1">LightGray <option value="FBFF73" target="1">Light Yellow <option value="7CFF7D" target="1">LightGreen <option value="A6BEFF" target="1">Light Blue <option value="FFFFFF" target="1">White </select></form></center> <br /> [ YOUR CONTENT GOES HERE ] </body> </html>

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