Video Player Code Generator

The video player code generator will generate a video player code snippet for your web page.

Place the generated video player code snippet where you want the player visible on your page.

Simply enter the values you need, click "Generate Video Player Code", then copy and paste the code snippet into your web page.

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Video File URLs

We recommend using multiple video file types to ensure that no matter what type of OS your visitor is using, you have the right fallback video file to play on their device.

You may convert your video file to another type using the free video file converter.

 MP4 Video:
 WEBM Video:
 OGG Video:

Copy and paste the following video player code into your page.

We recommend adding an .SWF video file format for the OBJECT tag for old browser version fallback.

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Preview will show a working example. You may also use the Snap HTML Code Editor for live demo.