Put Text in Alphabetical Order

The text in alphabetical order generator tool can take a list of words separated by spaces, commas, lines, etc and put the words in alphabetical order.
Pretty much any list of text items with a unique separator can be alphabetized.

Duplicate words or numbers are now eliminated when you sort your text into alphabetical order.


Tool for Alphabetizing Text

Paste your text in to the box below and then click the button.

The new text will appear in the box at the bottom of the page.

Type of Separator between the Words or Numbers

Use a blank space separator (Good for word lists or blocks of text)

Use a comma separator (For csv style data and arrays)

Use a line break separator (For alphabetizing lines)


or define a custom separator:


Type of Sorting

Alphabetically (A-Z) Numerical (0-9)  Reverse Order (Z-A or 9-0)


Removal Options

Remove Duplicates   Remove Punctuation, and Brackets



New Text in Alphabetical Order

Copy your new alphabetical order text from the box below.