Specify Referring Page URL Code Snippet Generator

Specify that a visitor must come from a specific 'Referring Page' in order for the web page to load is easy using this code snippet generator.

.:: What does the 'Specify Referring Page URL' code snippet do? ::.

This code generator will produce the necessary codes to require the visitor to only come from a specific web page URL in order to load the page containing this code snippet.

How to generate your own 'Specify Referring Page URL' Code Snippet:

  1. Simply enter your 'Required from Page URL' information.
  2. Click the "Generate Code Snippet" button.
  3. Copy & paste the code into the HEAD AREA of your protected web page.
  4. Please Note: This code snippet requires that the visitor JavaScript be active in order to function correctly.
    It is only intended to be a super light-weight security feature.
    If you need stronger security features, we recommend using .HTACCESS, CGI or PHP.

.:: Begin Creating Your 'Specify Referring Page URL' Code Snippet ::.

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Generated code:

Copy and paste the following code into your protected web page.

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