Keyword Analyzer Tag Code Generator
The easy keyword analyzer tag code generator!

Keyword Analyzer Tag Code Generator

Input the text words that you want analyzed by the keyword analyzer tag generator below:

(the text will be scanned for the most common keywords used and listed below)

Minimum count symbols in word (for words count):
Minimum count words in text (for keywords):

Words Count:

Keywords of Word Text:

You should edit the generated keyword tag list by removing non-relevant keywords for the page document.
Only keep/use the specific keywords that your page is specifically targeting.
Do not use words like 'the, are, you, us, click, etc' as keywords. Be specific to the keyword text words found on the page content.
Example: If your page is about 'doughnut' then you want to have the page text word content repeat the word 'doughnut' many times.
DO NOT SPAM KEYWORDS! Be sure to write cohesive sentences that utilize the targeted keywords without over usage.
You may want to re-edit your text words until the keyword density weight frequency you want has been achieved.

Once you are happy with the results, place the generated keyword meta tag between <HEAD> Here </HEAD> tags.

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