.htpasswd File Generator - Password Encryption Generator

This web app contains a JavaScript port of Apache server's htpasswd utility. In order to ensure total privacy, no server-side computing is involved, your data stays in your browser. This app is totally client-side. Generator from Aspirine.org.

1. Users and passwords

One user per line, with or without a password :

Totally random

Pronounceable (lowercase) - make it longer

2. Generated .htpasswd File

Hashing algorithm :

The crypt() algorithm truncates all passwords to 8 characters max.
Your data contains non-ascii characters. The password file will have to be saved in ISO-8859-1 for Firefox and Chrome, or UTF-8 for Opera. If you want to ensure browser compatibility, use only ASCII.
Your data contains unicode characters. only Opera can handle unicode authentication, if your password file is saved in UTF-8.
In your browser, the cryptographic random number generator is

Setting up your server

  1. The directory in which you place your password file must not be accessible from the web, or else your users could download it.
  2. Use an https connection if you can, to avoid transferring credentials in plain text.

Apache .htaccess file

AuthUserFile /path/to/htpasswd
AuthName "Authorized personnel only."
AuthType Basic
Require valid-user

Nginx configuration

location  /  {
  auth_basic  "Authorized personnel only.";
  auth_basic_user_file  /path/to/htpasswd;