HTML Marquee Code Snippet Generator

An HTML marquee code lets you add scrolling text and images to your web page.
Use this HTML marquee code snippet generator to create either scrolling text or a scrolling image.

To generate an HTML Marquee Code Snippet:

  1. Select the values you want added.
  2. Click "Generate Marquee Code" button.
  3. Copy & paste the code into the HTML of your web page.

.:: Begin Building Marquee Code Snippet

Okay, let's begin building your marquee code... simply enter information into the form field boxes below.

Marquee Behaviour: [view examples]
Scroll Direction: [view examples]

Marquee Speed Control [view examples]
Note: You can easily adjust the marquee speed control by adjusting: scrollamount="8"
Change the number "4" to your number preference.
Lower number = slower / Higher number = faster

.:: Outer Box Settings ::.

Height: (pixels)
Width: (pixels)
Border Width:
Border Style:
Border Color:
Background Color:
Marquee Box Background Image: (eg.

.:: Text Settings ::.

Text Color:

Marquee Text:
Marquee Image: (eg.

.:: Font Settings ::.

Font Family: (if font is to be 'inherited' tick box below)
Font Size:

.:: Text Style & Weight Settings ::.


.:: Generate HTML Marquee Code Snippet ::.

Copy and paste the following code into your web page.

(your generated marquee code snippet will load directly below
if you make code adjustments above, you must click the 'preview generated marquee code button' again to update previewer below.)