What is this?
face to gif is a simple webapp that lets you record yourself and gives you an infinitely looping animated gif
What is the output?
face to gif outputs a gif @ 10 frames per second. The file may be a bit big, but you can use a gif optimizer.
You can configure the size once you start streaming by clicking the toggles on the preview image. The current sizes are 320 × 240 (default), 200 × 150, 640 × 480 and 250 × 250.
How can I upload to imgur?
Just click the imgur button on the image. After the upload is done, the button will lead you to the imgur page. The button seems kind of small, but I can't really tell without a banana.
Because of imgur's 2MB limit for gifs, I would try to upload the original or an optimised one if the original is too big.
It says something bad about my browser...
face to gif uses some new-ish APIs that may not yet be supported in your browser.
What happens to my data?
The application is completely client side. That means that nobody else will see your gif, stream or other actions on this app. Unless you save the gif and give it to them, of course.
View the source, inspect the source.
What happens when I reload the page?
All the data you generated will be lost unless you download or save the image to imgur. I keep no records of what you generate.
Why is there a delete button?
To save your browser the trouble of continuously rendering an image you don't want anymore. You can also just refresh the page.
This is slow!
Because everything happens client side, out of anyone else's control, the app is only as fast as your machine. Sorry.
I have something to say!
You can talk to @hdragomir on twitter or create an issue on the github repo or just email me.
Face to GIF
... was made by Horia Dragomir - UI Developer, Hungry and Foolish.
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