Drop Down Navigation Code Snippet Generator

Creating a drop down navigation is easy using the drop down navigation code snippet generator.

Simply enter your URLs into the form field elements below and click the 'Generate HTML Source Code' button to create your drop down navigation code snippet.

How to generate your Drop Down Navigation Code Snippet:

  1. Select how your navigation loads URLs.
  2. Enter drop down menu properties.
  3. Enter your title text and URL preferences for each link.
  4. Enter your Font Color and Style preferences.
  5. Click "Generate HTML Source Code" button.
  6. Copy & paste the HTML code snippet into the BODY of your web page. (where the drop down navigation is to appear)

.:: Begin Building Your Drop Down Navigation Code Snippet ::.

How do the URLs in the drop down navigation load?

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.:: Menu Properties ::.

Menu Name:
(2+ menus on page - each menu requires a unique name)
Custom Target:
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.:: Drop Down Navigation URL Entries ::.

Title Text Shown
Link URL Address

.:: Custom Colors/Styles ::.

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.:: Generated Drop Down Navigation HTML Source Code ::.