Countdown Redirect Visitor Code Snippet Generator

Creating a countdown redirect visitor code is easy using the countdown redirect visitor code snippet generator.


How to generate a Countdown Redirect Visitor code snippet:

  1. Enter the countdown timer seconds and URL redirect path.
  2. Click the "Generate Countdown Redirect Visitor Code" button.
  3. Copy & paste the code into the BODY tag area of your web page template.

 Countdown Timer:

 Redirect to URL:

Copy and paste the Countdown Redirect Visitor code into your web page.

You can adjust the message, by looking for this line:
Line 13: timer.innerHTML = "You will automatically be redirected to the new page in "+count+" seconds.";
Just be sure to include the tag "+count+" some where within your message to show the countdown time ticker effect.

You may use the Snap HTML Code Editor for live demo of the generated code.